Pave the Way "Intersectionality" 8.75

Image of Pave the Way "Intersectionality" 8.75
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Nose is kinda round, kinda shovel, tapered tail. Shape designed by skateboard queer genius freakazoid Jacob Tillman. 8.75" wide, 32.25" long. Wheel base is 14 3/8". My (Tara) personal fave to ride. Hot pink and black OR fluorescent green and black design, same as the other decks. Image below is of the top of the board so you can really get a grip on the shape. Specify colorway preference in the notes of your order! Basically amazing.

The graphic shows queer icons past and present (except Tara, who is just a boring nerd who hitched her cabbage wagon to this gay bait jumbo jet). Justin Chin and Laverne Cox at a party, who do I talk to first??!!